Welcome to Stony Creek, the smallest town in Warren County, founded in 1852. For the first 50 years small factories and the woods provided a living wage for about 2,000 residents. The arrival of the 20th century and its changing lifestyle saw the closing of the factories and a reduction in population. The 600 remaining souls were left with the woods and plenty of room in which to roam.

Stony Creek Township, about 87 square miles in area, is in the South-Western corner of the original Town of Thurman formed in 1792. Parcels in the North and east kept separating off as new townships.

In 1813, the same year that Warren County was formed, Warrensburg split off and the area left was named Athol. On November 3, 1852, Athol was split into the towns of Stony Creek and Thurman.

The population in 1855 was 913. Around the turn of the 19th century the population in Stony Creek peaked at 1,250 residents.

At the beginning of the 21st century the population was 743 permanent residents.